How to learn to be self-sufficient.

Issues discussed at our meeting:

  • false beliefs that might disturb you;
  • basic rules that help you sense your own abilities;
  • what exactly is needed to create a complete self-image?

Emotions. How to learn to show them in a proper way?

Society has taught us to be silent and suppress our emotions, that is why we covered this issue at our meeting and we discussed:

  • what keeps us from showing emotions;
  • how annoyance is related to anxiety;
  • how to show emotions

Meditation and breathing techniques

The agenda of workshop included:

  • discussion of various forms of meditation
  • guided meditation
  • breathing techniques supporting the release of emotions
  • techniques of working with the body to release emotions

Fighting triggers of uncontrolled emotional reaction

The stress that we have been feeling for several months has obviously not disappeared and will not disappear, so during the meeting we learned how to control our thoughts and how to avoid provocation, especially from people close to us.

Forms of employment in Poland and setting up your own company.

The meeting was hosted by Paweł Rastawicki, tax advisor and owner of a company providing financial and accounting services. We talked about the most popular forms of employment in Poland, types of employment contracts, types of economic activity and forms of taxation.

I’m staying in Poland and what next…?

“I’m staying in Poland and what’s next …? “is a new series of marketing coaching for those who plan to stay in Poland longer and have ideas for themselves. The first meeting was led by Tomasz Byskosz – marketing expert and business trainer – who advises many brands in Poland how to communicate effectively about your business.

Topics covered during the workshop:

Where to start without any action plan?
How to analyze ideas for business and competition
How to start building your own brand?