Tomasz Siemoniak

Member of Parliament of the Republic of Poland of the 8th and 9th term, Minister of National Defense (2011–2015), vice-chairman of the Civic Platform.

A good action is worth a thousand times more than a good talk. That’s why the „Ukrainka w Polsce” project is so worth supporting. As a result of the war, hundreds of thousands Ukrainian women ended up in Poland. After an initial phase of tremendous support and solidarity, there was a need for long-term actions – aimed at finding oneself in the professional and social life in a new country, amid separation and lack of simple opportunities to enter the labour market. Sharing knowledge and coworking are essential in supporting integration. „Ukrainka w Polsce” provides top quality activities with various experts, gives contacts and creates friendship groups. The project operates with great flexibility and openness to Polish women and men. It also builds a positive image of the presence of Ukrainians in Poland as a large added value for Polish society. Moreover, the project delivers modern communication tools that give Ukrainians a practical knowledge about functioning in Poland. I am rooting for this project also for reasons of women rights, equality and tolerance. I wish it will become a nationwide action involving as many people as possible. Good luck, Julia!

Radosław Sikorski

Member of the European Parliament, member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Subcommittee on Security and Defense. Chairman of the Delegation for Relations with the United States. In 2005–2007, Minister of National Defense, in 2007–2014, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Ukrainians bravely fight for the freedom and future of their country, and also for the freedom of all of us. We should do our best for Ukraine to emerge victorious from this test, we should support them, that is why together with my wife we funded cars for the defenders of Ukraine. Handing over the vehicles to the soldiers, I thought about their families, about the hundreds of thousands of women with children who, as a result of the Russian attack, found shelter in Poland.Polish women and men showed great solidarity. We opened our hearts and our homes. New bonds were born between our nations. Many new valuable initiatives have been launched. This is how I see "Ukrainka w Polsce" led by Julia Boguslavska - a Ukrainian leader from Donetsk, and at the same time a Polish citizen from Wrocław, whom I met at the European Parliament. It is important that the institutions of a free Europe support non-governmental organizations working for Ukrainians with passion and consistency. It's worth helping them.

Aidan Booth

Director of Specialists, Central Europe, Google

I am deeply inspired by the work of Ukrainka w Polsce and Julia Boguslavska. The war in Ukraine has caused so much destruction and devastation, yet in such times the depth of the human spirit shines through. The courageous Ukranian women that I met are not diminished by the impact the war has had on them and their families. Instead they choose to focus on the future and develop their personal and professional skills. Though they were forced to leave their homes due to the war, they have shown true resilience and fortitude to set up new lives in a new country, and in doing strive to make the very best of a situation that was forced upon them. I was grateful to have the opportunity to host a group from Ukrainka w Polsce in our offices and in doing so play a small role in their journey. In my professional career I have lived by the values of "Be Brave, Be Curious, Be a Team Player" and I left that first meeting with Ukrainka w Polsce re-energised and motivated to do more to help these powerful women who are living examples of those values.


Women@Google is a program aiming at developing and supporting talents inside and outside Google. Our team dedicates itself to share the knowledge and build connections with local communities, where Google operates.We decided to support Ukrainka w Polsce to show women from Ukraine to never give up on their talents no matter how hard their life situations can be. The atmosphere of the Ukrainka w Polsce community resonated with our culture, values and our goal to help people in any part of the world.Ukrainka w Polsce is passionate about growing women's talents and professional expertise just as much as we are ignited by this idea at Google. We've heard so many inspiring, and at times, heart-breaking stories of women from Ukraine, and yet the audience brainstormed fantastic business ideas on our workshops that we co-hosted with Ukrainka w Polsce. Although Wroclaw is the city of various businesses and expat connections, there is still a lack of female-oriented activities, and we are glad to make a change about it with Ukrainka w Polsce.As such, we focus our time and effort to support women from Ukraine to settle in Poland professionally through running CV and interview practice workshops, mastering public speaking skills and sharing our experience about being part of large tech companies such as Google.We are excited to partner up with Ukrainka w Polsce Lead Julia Bogulsavska and be part of her inspiring journey to help women from Ukraine to prosper in the new country. With Julia's strong leadership, compassion and dedication we are certain Ukrainka w Polsce will thrive and help many other women to realise their potential and find their own path.And we await for it with admiration!