Our partners

For us, strategic partners are organizations, public institutions and companies that share our mission and support us in various ways – organizationally, financially, educationally, logistically.

Our partners

For us, strategic partners are organizations, public institutions and companies that share our mission and support us in various ways – organizationally, financially, educationally, logistically.

A strategic partnership can be both long-term and short-term, depending on the scope of activity and capabilities. As a beginner initiative in the ecosystem of non-governmental organizations and projects, we are constantly looking for partners who will support us in the long run, because this is when we feel part of global activities that contribute to supporting Ukrainian women in Poland and together build new opportunities for women.

Together we build new opportunities for women

Strategic partners and grants

Orange Foundation supports the statutory activities of Ukrainian Woman in Poland, which include educational activities in the field of digital security for Ukrainian youth and women.

Google Wrocław is a permanent partner of the Ukrainian Woman in Poland Foundation and regularly supports us in organizing a wide range of training courses. Meetings with women are aimed at preparing them for the labor market, developing CVs and cover letters, maintaining a professional profile on LI, going through the recruitment process, presentation during recruitment meetings, and topics related to motivation and working on one's own potential.

Google Wrocław also conducts training for young people from the age of 16, which are focused on choosing a profession, motivation, overcoming difficult situations and failures, corporate work culture, workshops related to working at Google, advertising and internet safety.

In June 2022, we became the winner of the "Hello Girls" Grant Program from the Polish-Ukrainian Sisterhood of the Kulczyk Foundation. Grant Program "Hi Girls!" was created as a response to the needs of Women and Children who were forced to flee from war-torn Ukraine.

The Polish-Ukrainian Sisterhood is a coalition of women from Poland and Ukraine that decided who received grants from the Fund for the Support of Women and Girls from Ukraine. A total of almost PLN 1 million in funding will be allocated to 11 organizations. In the first edition of the Grant Program, the value of grants reached almost one million zlotys.

The grant amount – as much as PLN 100,000 – gave us the power to act. Thanks to this support, which is expressed in the words: “We want to create a second home for you”, we know that we are accepted, wanted and needed here. Because that’s how you feel in a happy home. A house built by women’s hands can survive the most terrible times and give strength to build a new, promising future.

The Ukraina Foundation has been supporting us from the beginning by sharing its many years of experience in working with migrants, both in terms of everyday activities and the implementation of projects on a nationwide scale.

We share common values and work together to integrate Ukrainian women who ended up in Poland due to the tragic fate of the war. We want to build a community of Ukrainian women together who, thanks to educational, psychological and integration meetings, will quickly find their way in the new reality and will be able to continue their careers in Poland. Thanks to the Ukraina Foundation, we have an experienced psychologist on board and the support of a lawyer who will conduct group consultations.

This website was created thanks to the first funding we received from Soroptimist International.

The name of the organization Soroptimist International itself (from the Latin ‘sorota’ meaning sister, and ‘optima’ meaning best) and the interpretation of the name as ‘best for women’ are consistent with what and how we want to offer Ukrainian women in Ukrainian Poland.

Soroptimist International First Club Wrocław supports us not only organizationally, but also in marketing – giving us the opportunity to increase our image. It is also thanks to them that we are guaranteed administrative support for the first four months of organizing training and meetings for women.

For over 25 years, Ashoka has been present in Poland, supporting extraordinary women and outstanding social innovators. Ashoka works based on wisdom and experience, supporting the ecosystem of social innovations and conducting various activities that unite one goal - so that every person can be a creator of changes for the common good.

The Ukrainian Woman in Poland foundation was selected from 140 candidates for the finals of the Hello Entrepreneurship grant program, which is part of the larger Hello Europe program, which supports people with migration or refugee experience from the European Union.

PROUVÉ is a Polish company with an international reach, operating since 2017 as part of a multi-level marketing system. PROUVÉ's offer includes unique products based on original recipes, distinguished by extraordinary scents composed of French fragrance oils.

Since its establishment, it has gained the trust of hundreds of thousands of partners from various countries, it is one of the fastest growing companies in the network sector.

PROUVÉ offers its partners not only access to high-quality products, but also numerous opportunities to develop and earn money by participating in the direct sales model.

As part of our social involvement, in cooperation with the Ukrainian Woman in Poland Foundation, we organize events as part of the women’s support project, thanks to which the PROUVÉ brand is present not only in the world of beauty and fashion, but also socially involved in creating a space for women to educate, support and support each other. development both professionally and personally.

The BNP Paribas Foundation has been our permanent partner since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

Thanks to funding from the PBN Paribas Foundation, Ukrainka in Poland completed a Polish language course at B1 level for refugee women from Ukraine and a bookkeeping and accounting course in cooperation with the Wrocław University of Economics.

They say the first step is the hardest. We do it ourselves, but it's always easier when someone supports us. And disinterestedly!

TOFU Studio

The magicians behind our visual identity. It is thanks to them that we look so phenomenal.

Type Forward

Type Forward provided us with the Garet font, which makes everything we write beautiful and legible.


Thanks to them, we look very professional during each of our face-to-face (offline) meetings.

Wszystkie litery

All letters support us in a beautiful word. They make what you read from us go straight to the heart.

Wyndham Wroclaw Old Town

The Wyndham Wroclaw Old Town Hotel supports us free of charge in renting large conference rooms.

Studio X Cast

Thanks to cooperation with Studio X Cast, a Ukrainian Woman in Poland Foundation started the implementation of an ambitious podcast project.

KSW Legal

KSW Legal supports us in legal matters. Thanks to them, we sleep soundly.

Parrot Studio

The Parrot Studio team organized a portrait session for our girls so that they could prepare a professional CV in Polish.

Concordia Design Wrocław

Concordia Design Wrocław is a "second home" for our students. This is where most of our meetings take place and this is where we feel taken care of and safe.

KOVA Production

KOVA Production made a film for us that shows you the history and activities of our foundation.

APM Poniatowska-Maj

APM Poniatowska-Maj supports us in legal matters, in particular in matters relating to GDPR.

Robimy Social Media

We do Social Media supports us in running advertising on social media. Thanks to them, you learn about our project.

Our volunteers
and experts

Aleksandra Biedrzycka

Therapist / Miss of Spa Holistic Therapy Center

Daniel Kotliński

Independent consultant, strategist brands and communications

Julia Kuliczenko


Igor Lisin

Sociologist, trainer, project manager, Vice-president of the management board of the Ukraine Foundation

Rafał Liebrecht

Marketing and business strategist

Roman Segin

Lawyer, Master of Law / owner of Hello Poland

Julia Janowska

Project coordinator in the areas of culture and marketing

Julia Skopich

Coach, personal development consultant

Tomasz Byskosz

Business trainer/marketing expert

Joyce Andrigu Mbewe

English Native Speaker

Magdalena Kaźmierczak

English teacher

Wojtkek Rajpert


Sylwia Demianiuk

Sales trainer

Mateusz Demianiuk

Performance marketing specialist

Władysław Jelisiew

Hanna Trębicka

Content Marketer

Iryna Savvinova

Coach / Google

Tetiana Hrycyk

HR coordinator

Olga Malyshenko


Julia Lyachovenko

HR expert, Personal Development Trainer

Natalia Ciołka

Polish language teacher

Julia Levin

Financial trainer, founder of the consulting agency "Brain&Money Agency"

Maria Hud

Ambassador of the Ukrainian woman in Poland Foundation in Warsaw

Janusz Potoczny

Director General of PSSB

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