We support you in taking the first steps. You will do the next yourself.

We are an initiative that, thanks to effective cooperation with local partners, strengthens the position of Ukrainian women in Poland, creating conditions for them to set up and develop their own business and achieve emotional and financial stability.

We focus our efforts on training, mentoring programs and social integration of Ukrainian women. We plan wide-ranging projects aimed at (language) education and specialized business and legal training so that Ukrainian women in Poland, who have successfully developed professionally in Ukraine, can continue their activities and develop their competences in the new environment.

We believe that such help is the best help, because it allows you to regain self-confidence and self-esteem after the tragic experiences of war. This is help that will pay off. Its symbol is a fishing rod, not a fish.

Such assistance also brings added value for local partners, who can draw on the competences and skills of Ukrainian women in Poland in the implementation of joint ventures.