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Tomasz Siemoniak

Polish politician, former Minister of National Defence and Deputy Prime Minister of Poland
A good action is worth a thousand times more than a good talk.



A good action is worth a thousand times more than a good talk. That’s why the „Ukrainka w Polsce” project is so worth supporting.

As a result of the war, hundreds of thousands Ukrainian women ended up in Poland. After an initial phase of tremendous support and solidarity, there was a need for long-term actions – aimed at finding oneself in the professional and social life in a new country, amid separation and lack of simple opportunities to enter the labour market. Sharing knowledge and coworking are essential in supporting integration.

„Ukrainka w Polsce” provides top quality activities with various experts, gives contacts and creates friendship groups.

The project operates with great flexibility and openness to Polish women and men. It also builds a positive image of the presence of Ukrainians in Poland as a large added value for Polish society. Moreover, the project delivers modern communication tools that give Ukrainians a practical knowledge about functioning in Poland.

I am rooting for this project also for reasons of women rights, equality and tolerance. I wish it will become a nationwide action involving as many people as possible.

Good luck, Julia!